It's 2008, so what are you doing now?

The blog has languished for many months but this will hopefully be the beginning of a new wave of publishing around here at EcEc.  To the whopping 16 Feedburner subscribers, most of whom are probably bots, I ask you not to hold your breath for too much.  For those looking for archives: things are broken temporarily until I get the new software sorted out and import my old entries in a format that I can tolerate

The basic biographical updates are as follows.  I’m back in Minnesota.  I’m working on a bunch of projects, including a paper on feminism and technology, a potential weblog on social hacks and social psychology, a citizen journalism workshop, a bunch of teaching ideas, consulting ideas, and other experiments.  Hopefully some of these will come to fruition here soon and I can tell you about them.  Until then, keep on keeping on.