A Farewell to 2006

The year has to come to a very quiet end here at chez Suomela. I finished my third of four terms on December 18, drove home to Minneapolis on the 19th, and spent the last twelve days relaxing, reading, watching TV, and exchanging gifts with the family.

To be thankful for:

  • A life without drama. You know the kind of drama where everything becomes a production and life is continually lived on the edge.
  • My academic success. Although the financial cost is high I think the choice to attend SI at Michigan was ultimately the right one. I might feel different in four months when I’m graduating and still trying to find a job.
  • Living in the first world. The material blessings we all live with in America continue to astound me. The infrastructure that let’s me publish this weblog, send email to my mom, and enjoy all the goofy entertainments that Hollywood can provide.

What went right in 2006?

  • I got an internship at Tablus that actually paid money and proved to be a good learning experience about my future career.
  • I finished another 2 semesters at SI.

Some of the best weblog entries from the past year:

Happy new year!