On Google AdSense and Weblogs

Matt Haughey wrote an essay on Google Adsense and the success he’s had with his PVRblog. Blogging for Dollars. Anil Dash and Nick Denton also commented recently about Adsense and its interaction with blogs. The whole sounds worth considering but the trouble is finding the obsession that will prove interesting enough to other people to attract an audience to make the whole thing worthwhile.

New Science, Technology, and Society Blogs, with some further connections

Gustav Holmberg, Imaginary magnitude, has collected a couple of blogs by people in Science and Technology Studies, a field I’ve often considered for graduate school.STS blogs. One of the blogs on this list is by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, an STS program graduate who works at the Institute of the Future.  Earlier, on May 26, Holmberg cited a paper Alex on working in forecasting after having studied the history of science.  That paper STS at Work: Applying Science and Technology Studies in Technology Forecasting and Scenario Planning looks very interesting.

Using MovableType for Content Management

Here are some recent points about using MT to manage all of your content: Beyond the Blog, and Doing your whole site with MT by Brad Choate.

Two Intersting Researchers

Two ongoing research projects that look intriguing. Clancy Ratliff | University of Minnesota, home page and Kairosnews Template Authoring Log of Anders Fagerjord’s research project on popular template tools, such as Blogger via jill/txt