New Science, Technology, and Society Blogs, with some further connections

Gustav Holmberg, Imaginary magnitude, has collected a couple of blogs by people in Science and Technology Studies, a field I’ve often considered for graduate school.STS blogs.

One of the blogs on this list is by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, an STS program graduate who works at the Institute of the Future.  Earlier, on May 26, Holmberg cited a paper Alex on working in forecasting after having studied the history of science.  That paper STS at Work: Applying Science and Technology Studies in Technology Forecasting and Scenario Planning looks very interesting.

To make the connections even more redundant.  I realized that I had read some of Relevant History, Alex’s weblog, before in relation to a discussion about the current state of academic employment.  For which the Invisible Adjunct is a good place to begin.

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