April 2009 Recap

Let’s see what’s been on my mind for April 2009

  1. On education. Two interesting articles on stress and the purpose of art education lead me to write about Educational Responses to Stress - Emotion and Arts
  2. A long essay by Bruce Western on reentry to society by former prisoners leads to Prisons and Punishment in America
  3. More thoughts on talent and justice: Talent, Work, and Justice
  4. Our crazy perception of time makes me ask Just How Long Ago Was the Civil War?, especially after an NPR report on a recently returned book stolen during the civil war. I got a link from Bob Collins at Minnesota Public Radio for this one.
  5. Business, We’re Swimming In It includes one of the funniest parts of the movie Brazil and some thoughts about the elephant in the room at most conversations about change: the institutions we spend most of our lives in - business.