March 2009 Recap

March 2009 blogging themes.

  1. Money, wealth, morality. Borrow and Leverage, different languages of debt among the rich, the government and individuals; Poverty is Good for You, conservative scolds telling people that struggles, including poverty or a recession, are really good for you; Parables of Global Talent, a reaction to the entries for the “best job in the world” on an Australian barrier reef.
  2. Education. Profesionalizing Academia and Breaking Bad, a television series and the revolt of the managerial class; Saving Education - the Bill Gates Way, Bill Gates is interested in education but he’s just another person essentializing talent over social structure.
  3. Creativity and Complexity. Twyla Tharp on Creative Fears, notes from her book The Creative Habit; Glenda Eoyang on Human System Dynamics, notes from her presentation at Minnesota Independent Scholars Forum.
  4. Philosophy. Bias and Naive Mathematics, is mathematics more certain than philosophy? Some Philosophical Methods, different ways to do philosophy.
  5. Housecleaning. Miscellaneous notes, March 2009 reading list.