July Readback and Update

July is coming to an end and it’s hot, hot, hot. The weather service has issued a heat advisory for Michigan from now until Tuesday. According to the NWS the heat wave began on Saturday and is going to continue while high pressure locks in over the southeast and low pressure over the plains combine to send southwest winds my way.

So it is time for another meta post. Since I returned to the daily blogging routine in mid-June I’ve been thinking about what weblogging does for me. I’ve noticed recently that blogging, for me at least, is about self-discovery, finding out what issues are bugging me enough to write about in a public forum. I’ve believed for a long time that too many people fail to examine their own thoughts or place in the world. Blogging is one way to do that; it is about improving one’s reflective practice.

Here’s the list of what’s been top of my mind for the past month.

I’ll note one intriguing finding from this list. There’s very little connected to my professional or educational interests. I don’t know whether this means I’m pursuing the wrong career course or simply that the blog is a way to vent in areas where I don’t have a vested interest. Perhaps this will be more fodder for future posts.