Retrieving Information from My Own Internet Tracks

I’ve been looking for a weblog post I read two or three months ago about the future of libraries, but so far I’ve failed to retrieve it. This kind of situation is one of the most frustrating technological problems I regularly encounter. There’s just no way to easily retrieve this information right now.

I do have some programs on my Mac that help solve these problems. History Hound and browseback are two programs that keep track of pages that you display in your web browser. Both of them allow you to search the pages for information. Unfortunately neither has worked in this case because I don’t remember any key phrases fine enough to recall the passage.

When I see something of interest on the web I usually save it to ListMixer for later review. But these items expire after a month, which is a good thing. If they stayed around for much longer the list would become impossible to navigate easily.

The weblog search engines, such as Technorati, Sphere, Feedster, or Google BlogSearch, are useful, but didn’t help in this occasion. Again my memory of the post isn’t accurate enough to find something. The number of posts mentioning the future and libraries is quite high.

I wrote about my own information management last week.