Link Dump

It’s been a long day. My book group discussed The Innamorati by Midori Snyder tonight. Very interesting. I hope to have some thoughts here within the next few days, but tonight I need to get some rest. So to inspire myself and you to greater thoughts I offer a few links that have been especially piquant these last few days.

Some cool weblogs:

An interview with Geoff Ryman, author of Air and Was. He had some provocative things to say about morality in fiction at Wiscon, the interviews have some of that as well.

The 15th anniversary of Slacker by Richard Linklater just came up recently. One of my favorite movies from the 1990s.

Chevy Chase and comedy in the 2000s.

Midwest Values PAC is Al Franken’s web organization. Maybe he’ll run in 2008 against Norm Coleman. We can certainly hope so. An article by George Lakoff distinguishing between incompetence and ideology re: Bush. The Economist on Inequality in America.