Thomas Friedman's 4 Reasons for the Iraqi War

I read Thomas Friedman’s recent column, The real reason (and 3 others) for war on Iraq with some consternation. As I read it the logic seems to make a lot of sense. There is a very real truth that we cannot let the terrorists rule our lives. Sometimes force may be the only alternative. An exemplary demonstration of force may make terrorists think twice. And yet…

I was watching part of a BookTV interview with Noam Chomsky over the weekend and he was citing many examples of how America has acted badly in the world throughout its history. And it is true that many things have been done in the name of our country for which I am ashamed. Most of the time the events seem far enough from my life to be safely ignored, either they took place in the past or very far away. Rationally that is not an excuse.

One thing I do like about Friedman’s reasons is the ‘moral’ reason: the need to partner with Iraqis to build a better country. This is an idealism I can accept, but why did it take 30 years for us to act.