On the Inability to Admit Mistakes

Two examples:

From a meta-review of The Clinton Wars, published at Salon.

Even before the Lewinsky story broke, Murdoch’s outlets remorselessly hyped malevolent stories about the Clintons – from Whitewater to Travelgate – even after they were proven to be false. In 1998 and 1999, their slanted coverage of the impeachment drama performed a singular disservice to the truth. They have never corrected their numerous false reports, let alone apologized for them. Yet the Murdoch empire is now flourishing. Thanks to Bush administration rulings, its control over an increasingly concentrated and centralized media is likely to grow.

From an Andrew Sullivan column at Salon.

As to the critics – the Riches and Conasons who hyped reports they couldn’t confirm in order to trash the administration? A correction would be nice, wouldn’t it? Just because Maureen Dowd can get away with untruths and distortions with no corrections, why should Rich? Howell Raines has now left the building. Some kind of factual accountability should now be restored. Rich needs to correct, explain and apologize. But I won’t hold my breath.

And thus the winds of contending opinion continue to do battle. No one ever admits a mistake but each is ever ready to pounce on their opponents missteps.