Collecting Timelines at Blackbelt Jones

Matt Jones at blackbelt jones is collecting examples of timelines from around the internet. I’ve been toying with the idea of changing my home page to include a collection of biographical snippets or essays. I’d like to have the page display a single snippet in the center, have a menu to navigate between snippets on the side, and a timeline at the top. I think I could make the timeline at the top dynamically respond to what snippet you were viewing by using javascript to manipulate the background colors of a table.

Taking the Long View

As someone who occasionally tries to take the long view of time but seems caught in a cycle of temporary obsessions the news of Matt Haughey’s Ten Years of My Life photo project looks very interesting. Inspiration The initial inspiration for this site also came from a few similar projects. Diego Golberg’s Arrows of Time captures his family on the same day, every year, for 25 years. The 12hr ISBN jpeg project has been running for nearly ten years already.