Jujusoft e-book library and reader

It must have been a year or more since I download The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin, from Project Gutenberg, but it is only today that I find a very interesting e-book reader that is designed specifically for free text files like the ones distributed by Project Gutenberg. The Jujusoft BookReader appears to be just the ticket, at least for Windows users. The program has a much nicer display than a text editor ever did.

Experimenting with New Blog Tools - Zempt

After seeing Zempt mentioned on a couple of weblogs where my peripatetic interest occasionally alights. I decided to download it and give it a try. I’ve tried two other Windows desktop blog clients, w.bloggar and another whose name eludes me, but was disappointed by both, either because of the interface or the lack of connection to MovableType. Zempt appears to be designed for MT exclusively. I did have some luck with the blogging client in my newsreader of choice, NewzCrawler.