Current Thoughts for April 6

Here are some of the things I’m currently thinking about: Framing and communication. I got sucked into the most recent dustup about framing, evolution, and atheism over at Science Blogs. I even started leaving snarky comments at Chris Mooney’s blog The Intersection. So I took Matt Nisbet’s advice and started reading the research on framing, agenda setting, and priming in the communication science literature. I haven’t reached any conclusions yet but the question that bugs me is the assumption that negative arguments of any kind that criticize the core beliefs of other people are doomed to failure.

My Current Information Practice: Social Bookmarking

There are more social bookmarking sites today then anyone is really able to keep track of. For me the best sites are: Furl - I use this as an archive to search the text of things I’ve seen in the past. The best part about this site is building an archive up over time. I’ve been using it for two plus years and have collected a fair amount of stuff.

First Insight, Blogging, and the R-mode

Yesterday I went to the fifth session of a class I’m taking at the Loft. The class is called “The Writing Habit,” it’s taught by Rosanne Bane, who works as a coach and creativity instructor. So far I’ve really enjoyed the course. Last weeks discussion about priority setting and Getting Things Done by David Allen spurred me to orgainize a significant portion of the crap that had accumulated in my ‘inbox.

Learning to Write with James Macdonald

James Macdonald has a thread of suggestions on learning to write. via MemeMachineGo.

Software to Tame the Internet

I’ve noticed a couple of intriguing software tools for clipping items from the internet or other sources and then annotating and compiling the information to send to someone or store for the future. So far I count at least three products in this group: NetSnippets, ClipManager, and Insight’s NetKnowledge Tools.