The Rhetoric of C. Wright Mills

Reading The Power Elite is a joy. Mills writes with clarity, verve, and emotion. He clearly feels that something is out of kilter in American society and that social science can help to understand the problem. Alan Wolfe wrote an afterword in 2000 to praise Mills for his ability as a social scientist, but takes issue with his ability as a social critic. The first ten chapters of the book describe mid 20c American society very well, the final five chapters shift to social criticism.

Of Interest

Henry Farrell at Crooked Timber links to an article at the Economist about business books, schools, and management theories. I’ve been interested in business innovation while examining the whole problem of creativity. Tom Peters started the whole mess when he wrote In Search of Excellence Timothy Burke on male-female conversation So what do we do to acknowledge or deal with the validity of the complaint against some men in specific and against masculine privilege in general?