Skull Flushing

It’s been twenty-three days since I began this effort at daily writing. So has it been worthwhile? Thinking aloud in a semi-public manner has a strange appeal. Some people read these writings or at least web browsers keep making requests for the pages. Fewer still leave comments. But that’s alright. It’s mostly been useful to me as a way to clear out the cobwebs and to speak about the concerns that I have.

Managing My Information World

One of my perennial interests is personal knowledge or information management. How do you keep track of all the stuff that comes at you? I’m an omnivore when it comes to collecting information. I’m working at improving my skills for disseminating information. So for the sake of my own future self who might want to know how I managed my information back in mid-2006 and any others who care, I offer the following list.

Design Style Change

I finally changed the default design of Eccentric Eclectica. I basically combined the default clean style from MovableType with some of my own ideas about the sidebar, dropping the calendar, rearranging the lists of recent enties and the list of archives. The change is pretty simple and already I can see some tweaks I might make over the next few days. One credit where it’s due for the use of Adam Kalsey’s ArchiveDateHeader plugin.

Experimenting with New Blog Tools - Zempt

After seeing Zempt mentioned on a couple of weblogs where my peripatetic interest occasionally alights. I decided to download it and give it a try. I’ve tried two other Windows desktop blog clients, w.bloggar and another whose name eludes me, but was disappointed by both, either because of the interface or the lack of connection to MovableType. Zempt appears to be designed for MT exclusively. I did have some luck with the blogging client in my newsreader of choice, NewzCrawler.

Using MovableType for Content Management

Here are some recent points about using MT to manage all of your content: Beyond the Blog, and Doing your whole site with MT by Brad Choate.