Past and the Future of the Commons - Notes 2

Published late on 7⁄14 Reading Enclosure Public Goods both from Wikipedia Discussion - does a historical perspective add anything to our definitions of the commons, how about the possible ways of managing the commons. On enclosure - note the changing dynamics of the economy in England - the shift toward sheep farming; the importance of historical particularity - it’s clear that many different forms of enclosure were pursued and many forms of commons governance as well.

Past and Future of the Commons - Notes 1

Reading Notes About the commons The commons is a new way to express a very old idea—that some forms of wealth belong to all of us, and that these community resources must be actively protected and managed for the good and all. The commons are the things that we inherit and create jointly, and that will (hopefully) last for generations to come. The commons consists of gifts of nature such as air, oceans and wildlife as well as shared social creations such as libraries, public spaces, scientific research and creative works.