The Missing Political Imagination

Thomas Fridman’s recent column on the lack of political imagination displayed by Bush after the 911 attacks pinpoints the reason why I dislike American politics as a whole. There are no major elected officials who display any vision on terrorism or on foreign affairs in general. Domestically the situation is not much better - in fact it’s worse because the deciding line for issues is money.

The Morning Dose

Here’s the morning links: A Bad, Sad Hollywood Ending! Business Week on the threat of Hollywood copy protection schemes to the foundations of open source. Judge Skeptical of a Microsoft Remedy NYT on the potential state settlement against Microsoft. The LawMeme Guide to Spider-Man and Star Wars Bootlegs LawMeme with a decent summary of the absurdities behind Hollywood desire to control the digital devices of the futur in order to control pirating.

I'm not done yet...

There’s still a ton more to say but that’s what this whole system is supposed to be for.



Houston, Houston, Come In

So Todd wants to try his first test of the MT weblog system. I have high hopes for everything. So far the configuration has been a breeze. Now comes the part where I get to test out the entry system.

A paragraph where I skipped a line.

A single line.

Here should be an indented quotation.

One must have a mind of winter…

Aint it cool!!