An Ontology Building Tool

Found on JavaWorld: An AI tool for the real world-Knowledge modeling with Protégé, an open-source tool for developing ontologies. While artificial intelligence (AI) is often regarded as an exotic academic playground, its tools and techniques have matured to contribute to real-world software technology as well. This article introduces Protégé, arguably the most successful open source knowledge-modeling platform. Using Protégé, developers and domain experts can build conceptual models and knowledge bases and access them via an easy-to-use Java API.

XML Editors

A list of reviews and resources on XML editors.

Content Management Systems: Open Source

Tony Byrne has an interesting article at CMS-watch: Open-Source CMS: Prohibitively Fractured?. In it he tries to come to terms with a common problem in open source development, the proliferation of projects that address the same problem but with a different programming language or design. What appears to have happened is that development resources have become dissipated among so many different initiatives that seemingly none of them is achieving critical velocity.

The Aging of Star Trek?

I watched Star Trek: Nemesis a few nights ago on video. The greatest fun was counting the cliches as they went by: a love scene with Riker and Troi, the personal heart-to-heart chat between Picard and Crusher, Data questing to discover what it means to be human, the obligatory final-desperate-act in the middle of a space battle (which in most recent Star Trek movies seems to mean ramming the Enterprise into some large object, either deliberately or accidently, it certainly gives the special effects artists something to do).

The Left and the Young

Salon has an excerpt from Dispatches From the Culture Wars by Danny Goldberg. He complains about the usual lack of will among the Democrats and their astonishing capitulation to the political manipulations of the Republicans. But then he links this all to a very interesting thesis: the Democrats have lost touch with young people, or as the subtitle says “How the Left Lost Teen Spirit” One problem seems to be that many members of my generation, the generation now in power, have a basic resentment toward young people.

Bill Moyers Speaks to Progessives

Bill Moyers recently spoke at the Take Back America conference in acceptence of a lifetime achievment award Pessimism: It is the most radical assault on the notion of one nation, indivisible, that has occurred in our lifetime. I’ll be frank with you: I simply don’t understand it – or the malice in which it is steeped. Many people are nostalgic for a golden age. These people seem to long for the Gilded Age.

Fanaticism and Ambition

Listening to the news today that another suicide bomber has attacked Israel and that another missile has been fired at the Palestinians made me shake my head and wonder whether we will ever see peace in the Middle East. The event prompted more thoughts about the fine differences between ambition and fanaticism. When do our beliefs and the actions we are willing to take to defend those beliefs become fanatic or even lunatic?

Thomas Friedman's 4 Reasons for the Iraqi War

I read Thomas Friedman’s recent column, The real reason (and 3 others) for war on Iraq with some consternation. As I read it the logic seems to make a lot of sense. There is a very real truth that we cannot let the terrorists rule our lives. Sometimes force may be the only alternative. An exemplary demonstration of force may make terrorists think twice. And yet… I was watching part of a BookTV interview with Noam Chomsky over the weekend and he was citing many examples of how America has acted badly in the world throughout its history.

Godwin's Law and Argument Style

For my notes and observations about the futility of argument some citations for Godwin’s Law: “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

On the Inability to Admit Mistakes

Two examples: From a meta-review of The Clinton Wars, published at Salon. Even before the Lewinsky story broke, Murdoch’s outlets remorselessly hyped malevolent stories about the Clintons – from Whitewater to Travelgate – even after they were proven to be false. In 1998 and 1999, their slanted coverage of the impeachment drama performed a singular disservice to the truth. They have never corrected their numerous false reports, let alone apologized for them.