An Interruption, a Farewell

I’m leaving Minnesota and moving to Michigan next week. I’ll be starting school at the Univeristy of Michigan School of Information. To all the people I’ve worked with at Merrill Corporation during the past six years, thank you. It’s been fun getting to know all of you and the quirks of Merrill. Best of luck to all your future endeavors, personal and professional. In the meantime there won’t be any activity on this site for a few weeks while I get settled in and decide on how the site should change or stay the same in the future.

Delusions of Ash: Reflections on Hiroshima

There is nothing of greatness about the United States that is not also the greatness of all human beings. Everyone who lives or dies in this world is entitled to the same respect, the same rights, as those whom chance has allowed to be born in the United States. To imagine that we are above humanity, that we are the greatest nation that has ever existed, is ultimate hubris. It is the hubris that allows us to torture others without complaint.

60 Years Pasts, The Nuclear Age Begins

60 years ago today the world entered a new era of history. The [Trinity test of the first atomic bomb]1 took place in Alamogordo, New Mexico. It seems like it should be much longer in time since those momentous events. Sixty years is such a short amount of time. I marvel at my own birth a scant twenty-six years after the blast. My own twenty-sixth birthday has come and gone and I wonder if I would have had the same courage to

In Praise of Taxes

It’s tax day and the marching morons at the Taxpayers League of Minnesota are protesting at the capitol. In the interest of creating some counterprogramming I’d like to list some of the things I’ve been glad to pay for with my taxes over the last year. Most of these organizations are federal but that’s only because they are the ones with which I’m most familiar. And the large local expenses for education and transportation didn’t go unnoticed.

First Insight, Blogging, and the R-mode

Yesterday I went to the fifth session of a class I’m taking at the Loft. The class is called “The Writing Habit,” it’s taught by Rosanne Bane, who works as a coach and creativity instructor. So far I’ve really enjoyed the course. Last weeks discussion about priority setting and Getting Things Done by David Allen spurred me to orgainize a significant portion of the crap that had accumulated in my ‘inbox.

Favorite Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Sterling Speaks to Minneapolitans

Trekked to the Har Mare Barnes and Noble this afternoon to see Bruce Sterling in personal performance. He’s on tour promoting his new book The Zenith Angle. I decided to go because he’s one of my favorite science fiction authors, part of the cyberpunk wave that broke in the 1980s and presaged a lot of the craziness that is the internet and computer technology. Bruce (notice how the weblog medium makes it almost impossible to refer to people by anything other than their first name, Mr.

My Soundtrack of Despair and Decadence

Late last week was the nadir of my despair about current events. It’s hard to imagine how the images and stories of abuse from Iraq could be worse. When I heard yesterday about the beheading of an American I just felt sick. If American exceptionalism is to have any real cachet it must be because we hold ourselves to a higher standard than the rest of the world. While wallowing in despair about current events last week I was listening to Steely Dan and the Gang of Four, two items that perfectly captured my sense of decadence and despair.

Vacuum and Recover

I’ve reached a condition of information frustration and I’m not sure how best to recover. Over the last two to four months I became frustrated with weblogging. I could spew a lot of material and links onto the site but this never was my goal, I wanted a system that would let me enter information and return to it easily for further annotation and markup. But the weblog model has a bias toward publish once and forget.

Learning to Write with James Macdonald

James Macdonald has a thread of suggestions on learning to write. via MemeMachineGo.