Flipping The Switch

On or off. True or false. One or zero.

This is how life feels right now, as another year ticks off on my personal odometer. The input/output circuitry has been set on high input and appear to be stuck. I’ve been inhaling books, web pages, podcasts, lectures, art museums and more for the past year or so, and now I feel like there is little to show for it. Everything is unidirectional. A change is needed.

Making a promise is probably a bridge too far. In the past I’ve managed a month and half of daily blog writing. So a resolution to return to the blog for a whole year is asking for failure.

But my philosophy, perhaps a bit too sanguine, too even-keel for ambitious minds, is that blogging is a cycle.

Sometimes you have to declare bankruptcy and step away from the keyboard to realize what has been missing. Like the trip I took to the Boundary Waters in early September. A natural kick in the head that sent me scrambling for my copy of Lost in the Cosmos by Walker Percy when I reentered the human world.

So I read and read. Flitting from subject to subject. Diving hard into modern art, radical science fiction, and linear algebra. Try fitting all those into a job description, oy vey.

This missive can’t be a promise. Resolutions fail and disappoint more often than not. So make it a hope, a goal, a dream. I’m back here for a time, swimming in and out of the virtual lifestream. You’re coming up to an iceberg mighty fast.