Elsewhere - a media idea

What I’d like to see in a half hour media news program, or even ten minute news program.

First, if the story is being reported on by any other major news outlet than we ignore it, for the most part. Fighting in Israel, earthquake in China, cyclone in Myanmar, are all stories we leave to others.

Second, focus on summarizing the international news for an American audience. What happened in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America today, each and every day. What are the big stories in India, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, etc.

Third, forget about scoops. Do the best with the resources we can get to. Rely on local coverage as much as possible to understand the situation.

Fourth, avoid the talking head roundtable. The News Hour is great but little television children die every time they cut away to another talking head roundtable of experts to explain what just happened.

Fifth, regular and consistent focus on science.

Sixth, no celebrity news. None, zip. Never.