My Current Information Practice: Social Bookmarking

There are more social bookmarking sites today then anyone is really able to keep track of. For me the best sites are:

  • Furl - I use this as an archive to search the text of things I’ve seen in the past. The best part about this site is building an archive up over time. I’ve been using it for two plus years and have collected a fair amount of stuff. Searching is really convenient when I bind it to a Firefox shortcut.
  • - best at social filtering. This is the site for finding interesting stuff that’s been tagged by other people. It’s the only one where I pay attention to other people’s content through the inbox.
  • Listmixer - the best temporary storage for ephemeral stuff. For some reason I don’t like using delicious to store stuff that I’m never going to look at again. Mostly this contains blog entries I’ve read in my aggregator and might someday write about, although the number I do actually write about is probably less than five percent.
  • Diigo - the new tool on the block. Great for highlighting stuff on pages that have been saved and for creating sticky notes to overlay highlights. I just started using this to track some web sites for my school classes and it’s been wicked cool so far. The Firefox toolbar has options to save ad Diigo and other sites all at the same time.
  • Onlywire - is a useful bookmarklet and site that will submit items to multiple sites. Very interesting but still not part of my regular habit.