Some notes on what I’ve learned over the past year at SI. Inspired by Andrea and Brian.

  • More about a smattering of web technologies: PHP, XML, CSS.
  • Interviews for research and system evaluation.
  • Bits about the history and theory of infrastructure. Suggestive of hidden realities which is always nice to think about.

Or perhaps just seeing things that were too obvious to notice before.

  • Reiterations of basic economics, psychology, cognitive science.
  • Some more formal introductions to statistics.
  • Practice with LaTeX.
  • Taxonomy building experience and text filtering technology.
  • How to break into my own apartment.

I find it hard to come up with anything out of the ordinary. The classes feel like material I’ve partially encountered elsewhere. There are always a fair number of interesting people and speakers to see, which is one benefit of academia I enjoy a lot. Ideas cycle in and out much more often than in any business I’ve been a part of.