Sometimes It's Better to Laugh

Random fact generators are great. Via Chrononautic log I found this Bruce Schneier fact generator. A few refreshes produced these favorites:

  • There is an otherwise featureless big black computer in Ft. Meade that has a single dial with three settings: Off, Standby, and Schneier.
  • There is no Information Theory. Just data that Bruce Schneier allows to be quantified and transmitted on a channel.
  • Bruce Schneier got a perfect score on his comp-sci degree. Just by writing Bruce Schneier for every answer.
  • Bruce Schneier whistles white noise.

The internet may not get us any closer to utopia but at least it will keep me laughing and entertained. Bread and circuses ‘till the end!

Link to the real Bruce Schneier.

Of course stumbling across this forced me to relive the joys of the Chuck Norris fact generator and they fight crime.