60 Years Pasts, The Nuclear Age Begins

60 years ago today the world entered a new era of history. The

[Trinity test of the first atomic

bomb]1 took place in

Alamogordo, New Mexico.


It seems like it should be much longer in time since those

momentous events. Sixty years is such a short amount of

time. I marvel at my own birth a scant twenty-six years

after the blast. My own twenty-sixth birthday has come and

gone and I wonder if I would have had the same courage to

have a child at that age, in the middle of the Cold War, when

the liklihood of mutual assured destruction was so much more

real. My school years at the beginning of the Reagan

administration were wracked by fears of nuclear destruction

as the U.S. denounced the evil empire, increased the defense

budget and deployed missiles in Europe.

I’m also struck by the fact that the global war on terrorism

has now lasted longer than World War 2. I have no particular

nostalgia for the greatest generation but the irony of

comparing our current conflict to World War 2 should not be

missed. Calling the current situation a ‘war’ seems to be

the height of hubris when compared to the sacrifices

made by the servicemen of WW2.

I notice, too, that very few people have marked the events at

Trinity in the blogosphere, at least according to

this Technorati search. The one example I found was

here. Here’s a tag.